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ASICS releases poem to get Brits moving and uplift the nation

Release Date: 09 Jun 2023
ASICS - a poem to move the world hero video

 ASICS partners with Charly Cox and Auntie Flo to inspire more people to exercise and experience the mental benefits of movement 

  • New ASICS research reveals the mood of the nation is continuing to fall, with Brits’ State of Mind Score1 dropping to a mediocre 62 out of 1002.  

  • While exercise has been proven to boost mental wellbeing, more than half of Brits are moving less than the NHS-recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week3

  • To help lift the mood of the nation, ASICS has partnered with poet Charly Cox and producer Auntie Flo to create a spoken word poem to motivate people to move.

  • Poem based on the words of thousands of people who have shared how movement makes them feel. 

  • Throughout the month of June, every stream of the poem on Spotify will raise £5 for the mental health charity Mind4.

[Wednesday 7 June 2023] This Global Running Day, ASICS has partnered with poet Charly Cox and Producer Auntie Flo to create a spoken word poem to inspire more Brits to move for their mental wellbeing. The collaboration was formed in response to new research1 by the brand, which revealed the nation’s mental wellbeing continues to decline, with Brits’ State of Mind Score1 falling to a mediocre 62 out of 1002.   

It is proven that exercise improves mental wellbeing and an ASICS study3 found that just 15 minutes and 9 seconds of movement can have a positive impact on your mind. However, more than half of Brits admit to doing less physical activity than the NHS minimum physical activity guidelines, compelling ASICS to take action and help lift the mood of the nation through exercise.  

More than four in five of those surveyed said they need something to motivate them to start exercising, with 82% turning to music for that motivation to move. Therefore, ASICS, in partnership with Charly Cox and Auntie Flo, has created a new poem-based track titled ‘Nothing Feels Better’ – composed to inspire more people to get up, get out and raise money for mental health charity Mind. Every time the poem is streamed on Spotify, £5 will be raised for the charity.  

The spoken word poem by Charly Cox is based on the words of thousands of people across the world who have shared how movement makes them feel, using the positive emotions of others to inspire more people to take the first step. This is supported by a rhythmic composition by renowned producer Auntie Flo who has incorporated sound techniques scientifically proven to spark feelings of motivation and uplift. These techniques include using a bpm to mimic the pace and beat of movement, chord progressions and incorporating the 111hz frequency, referred to as the ‘holy frequency’. 

Talking about her collaboration with ASICS, British poet and mental health campaigner Charly Cox, said “Mental illness can be debilitating. The poetic irony that movement helps is so often a kind suggestion from a well friend that you just want to shout at and ignore. I've been that person. Gentle movement has helped stave off some of my worst episodes and keeps me mentally and physically in a much better place. Teaming up with ASICS to write this poem has been not only a career highlight but some of the most important and difficult messaging I could try and convey. I really hope this track inspires people to try. Just try. When life feels like a marathon what's the point in sprinting? Find pride and joy in moving to feel better not to be better.” 

Producer Brian d’Souza, AKA Auntie Flo, founder of Swell Studio said; “The challenge in this day and age is trying to get people outdoors and moving. Exercise is so important for not only our physical health, but our mental health too, so it’s been great to work with ASICS and Charly to create something that can actually inspire people to get out there. Putting the words to music with a frequency specifically designed to boost endorphins and chord progressions to uplift listeners, was a great challenge – I can’t wait to hear what people think of it. 

Music psychologist, Victoria Williamson, said:  “The relationship between music and the brain is fascinating. Using sounds, chords and frequencies, you can increase blood flow in regions of the brain that stimulate different emotions. The techniques Auntie Flo has used are designed to activate the prefrontal cortex and amygdala brain areas which influence how we feel and can spark feelings of energy and motivation. Whether it’s a walk, run or session at the gym, listening to this song at the start of your workout should hopefully inspire you to literally get moving.” 

Throughout the month of June, every time ‘Nothing Feels Better’ is streamed on Spotify, £5 will be raised for the mental health charity Mind. ASICS has partnered with Mind since 2021 to promote mental health through physical activity in local communities – prioritising people facing the greatest inequalities.​  

Gary Raucher, EVP, ASICS EMEA said: “At ASICS, our five letters have meaning. ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase Anima Sana In Corpore Sano or a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. We’ve always believed in the positive impact of movement on the body and on the mind. And it’s never meant more than right now. We know the last few years have put even more pressure on the mental wellbeing of many people and we’re committed to take action. We hope the ‘Nothing Feels Better’ poem will inspire more people to move for their mental health, raising valuable funds for mental health charity Mind.”  

To listen to the new poem, search for ‘Nothing Feels Better’ on Spotify or visit

-Notes to Editors- 

  1. ASICS proprietary State of Mind score is a rating out of 100 made up of 10 emotional and cognitive metrics, including: composure, resilience, positivity, contentment, relaxation, confidence, alertness, calmness, focus and energy. Independent research was conducted up as a follow up to this research amongst 2,000 people aged 18+ in the UK by Onepoll in April 2023. 
  2. The 2023 State of Mind score for Brits has fallen to 62 out of 100 versus 63 out of 100 in 2022.  
  3. The ASICS Uplifting Minds Study uses cutting-edge technology to mimic EEG and capture the impact of exercise on people’s state of mind. Based on data from across sports and across regions, just 15.09 minutes of exercise can significantly impact our mental state. Read more here.  
  4. Donation for sharing #NothingFeelsBetter posts and streaming #NothingFeelsBetter poem capped at £52K. 

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