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ASICS and Novak Djokovic call on players to propel body and mind forward

Release Date: 30 Apr 2021


  • Novak Djokovic is known as one of the best players at pushing body and mind forward on court to achieve his goals and dreams. As a player he has conquered adversity time and again and is an inspiration to players all over the world. (World number 1 ranked tennis player at the time of this release)
  • From a shared philosophy of a Sound Mind in a Sound Body, ASICS and Novak Djokovic are relaying the positive effect of pushing body and mind forward – regardless of the circumstance.
  • ASICS and Novak Djokovic unveiled a special edition of the COURT FF™ Novak, seen in the video for the first time – a shoe that was designed with Djokovic’s input and will be worn by him this summer.
  • ASICS announces the extension of the partnership with Novak Djokovic as Global Footwear Ambassador.

[30 APRIL 2021 – KOBE, JAPAN] – ASICS and Novak Djokovic have released special collaboration film #TakeOneStepForward to call on players who share our Sound Mind Sound Body philosophy.

ASICS’ founder Kihachiro Onitsuka believed that sport has the power to uplift spirits, project positivity and propel people forward. ASICS still believes this, and the special film is created with the aspiration to showcase that with one of the best embodiments of this spirit - Novak Djokovic - by highlighting the mental aspect alongside on-court performance.

Novak Djokovic has reached the top and won many grueling on-court battles by facing them head on and pushing body and mind forward for every point. His journey and approach to the game has inspired players all over the world to do the same.

During my career I have had many moments where I had to make the choice and take the step forward to lift myself up before and during matches. I’ve always prioritized keeping a balance between physical and mental wellbeing – and that has helped me reach my goals. It is with this experience and knowledge that I want to encourage children and young players to take a step forward towards reaching your goals and lifting yourself up – on and off the court”, said Novak Djokovic, ASICS’ Global Footwear Ambassador.

Chisaki Mihara, Global Marketing Lead for ASICS, explains “we want to remind children and young players that there is more to the game than winning, losing and breaking records – which is to never lose the will to step forward and take it to the next level. We want them feel that, as a sports brand, ASICS will be always rooting for those who take that one step – by producing innovative products and services.

View the special collaboration film on ASICS’ YouTube channel

In the film, a special edition of the COURT FF™ Novak is revealed for the first time – a shoe Novak Djokovic will wear this summer.

The design of the shoe was done in collaboration with Novak Djokovic to convey his philosophy into the design and colour scheme of the shoe: that sport has the power to inspire. The blended colour application and blooming flowers on the shoe is a representation of his philosophy.

I believe that the sport has the power to grow not only players but also communities and to unite people for harmonious future. I believe that the sport speaks the universal language. The shoes and this film are designed to help bring people together”, said Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic was looking for something special and creative for the momentous 2021 calendar, and was very passionate about being involved in the design”, said ASICS Footwear Design Team Chihiro Sugimori. “The flower graphic was not created digitally but in acrylic paint. We painted again and again until it became the exact flower envisaged in his and everyone’s mind.

Key features of the special edition COURT FF™ Novak shoe:

  • The COURT FF™ Novak shoe is Novak Djokovic’ signature model and has been worn by him since 2019 - packed with advanced technology and specifications to meet needs of the World’s Number 1 tennis player: the COURT FF™ Novak is a flexible shoe with locked-in stability.
  • The special edition was designed in collaboration between Novak Djokovic and ASICS.
  • The colours reflect the Serbian flag where the roots of Novak Djokovic, and the blended colour application is paired with vibrant blooming flowers that depict the inspired and harmonized world. This unique court shoe design also represents the competing athletes’ potential to blossom and flourish at the games.
  • Inscription of ‘Inspired Together’ by Novak Djokovic on the shoe tongue
  • The shoe will be on sale this Summer.

ASICS is also proud to announce a multi-year partnership extension with Novak Djokovic as its Global Footwear Ambassador. We have seen him achieve 6 major titles and multiple breaking records since joining ASICS in 2018, which has greatly contributed to an increase in ASICS’ brand awareness. Novak Djokovic’ athleticism, commitment and spirit on court are the embodiment of ASICS as a true sport performance brand.

The extended partnership will help ASICS further expand its global tennis footwear business through Novak Djokovic’ continued insights and feedback on the production of tennis footwear as a world class player.

My footwear is a crucial part of my technical equipment,” said Novak Djokovic. “Extending my partnership with ASICS ensures that I will be able to keep on playing in the best possible technical footwear and at the same time help product research, development and innovation. I look forward to playing in the COURT FF™ Novak over the coming years.

Djokovic has already established himself as one of the best tennis players of all time. Over the coming years he will be able to build on his achievements and do so wearing ASICS footwear – it is a great honour and opportunity for the brand to be associated with Djokovic as a player and a globally recognizable ambassador of the sport” said Yasuhito Hirota, President and COO of ASICS Corporation.

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