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ASICS SOLUTION SPEED™ FF2: stay one step ahead of the game

Release Date: 01 Dec 2020

Speed and acceleration like you’ve never known helps you get a head start while covering the court.

  • Second edition of the SOLUTION SPEED™ FF series designed with the input of top ATP professional tennis players - players who play with speed and love to cover the court from the net to the baseline
  • Advanced features include FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology to better control the center of weight, ASICSGRIP™ technology increases the grip for vertical dash movements, extended TWISTRUSS™ technology improves cutting motion and quickness and DYNAWRAP™ technology for forefoot stability during high pressure movement
  • High-grip soles and structured tooling help center your weight in the forefoot for a 1-second head start when accelerating

ASICS’ SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 – the 2nd generation shoe designed for players that look for quicker acceleration to cover the court – is packed with technological advancements to help your mind and body stay one step ahead.

Developed with the input of ASICS Global Brand Ambassadors including David Goffin, Julia Goerges and Alex de Minaur the SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 shoe boasts unique features such as DYNAWRAP technology, a system of panels that cradle the foot and use the wearer’s own momentum to maintain an excellent fit; FLYTEFOAM technology provides lighter weight along with continuous cushioning to help sustain your game; FLYTEFOAM Propel technology placed in the medial forefoot with low hardness for better control of the center of weight in the forefoot for a quick start along with energy return through cushioning; ASICSGRIP technology helps players maintain excellent traction when engaging in vertical dashes; new extended forefoot TWISTRUSS technology that improves directional change and quickness on court.

Players who depend on speed in their game especially depend on the speed of their first few steps in any direction – forwards or backwards, left or right. The SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 shoe boosts the speed of your first few steps to help you expand your territory and reach the unreachable ball.

“The hardest thing as a player is trying to stay ahead of the ball and doing so while covering as much of the court as possible,” says Goffin. “The new SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 model features great advancements to help with quicker acceleration, better grip on court and also distributing weight better during quick and sharp direction changes. Every advantage your technical equipment gives you to perform better during matches is of utmost importance to players.”

“For me it’s amazing how ASICS have developed a shoe with soft cushioning while being light but which is also feels perfect when moving around court – this makes the SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 the perfect shoe for my needs on court,” says ASICS ambassador Alex de Minaur. “With my speed and movement I like to dictate play and depend on quicker acceleration which is where the shoes give me all the benefit in the world – they allow me to move the way I do.”

“With tennis shoes, the ultimate goal is to give the wearer more time,” adds Isamu Ochi, General Manager of ASICS CPS Footwear Division’s Product Management Department. “This increases the importance of providing players that rely on speed and court coverage with technological support in their footwear that help them gain any advantage over their opponent when playing – and we really feel the SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 shoe achieves this.”

Tatsuya Ishikawa, Lead Researcher with the ASICS ISS Footwear Function Development Team, says the SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 as a tennis shoe is a reflection of ASICS’ intensive research into the mechanics of tennis: “In contrast to running, which is principally about moving in straight lines, tennis involves a lot of different movements. It’s our job to focus on those, and every new release takes that to the next level. We’ve been selling tennis shoes since 1952, and as playing styles have evolved and become more physical––from the pro ranks right down to youth tennis––our shoes have adapted to meet those requirements.”

“The inspiration behind the design of the product comes from the players' motion on court. When they dash or turn direction to glide across the court to win a crucial point, I always envisage invisible sparks that fly from their feet. We visualized that impression with radial lines that are visible on the shoes. I hope that SOLUTION SPEED FF 2 wearers feel that they always have accelerators on their feet.” says CPS Design Team Masashi Koizumi.

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