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ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY Opens: One of the World’s Largest Urban Low-Oxygen Training Facility

Release Date: 09 Oct 2019

*Based on ASICS survey of urban low-oxygen training facilities (as of August 2019)

ASICS Corporation is proud to announce the opening of the low-oxygen training facility ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY in Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo. This facility is one of the largest of its kind in the world and will be managed by ASICS Sports Complex Corporation. The 5,000 square-meter complex occupies the second and third floors of the 17-story D Tower Toyosu multiplex.

ASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY will be open for viewing and trial usage starting October 10th, before a public opening on November 1st.

See below for details.

Facility oxygen concentration levels can be set differently in separate areas. The concentration will be adjusted by day of the week and location, with levels varying between normal and the equivalent of 4,000m above sea level.
Upon joining, new members have their physical response measured under low-oxygen conditions and are provided with a workout plan that follows their appropriate level of exercise intensity (standard). This supports members' safe and effective training under low oxygen conditions. Personalized workout plans are based on joint research conducted together with Ritsumeikan Trust.

Training Rooms (2F)
This facility features a machine area with a variety of workout machines to meet various objectives like increasing muscle strength and improving lung capacity, as well as a multi-purpose area with artificial turf for stretching and training (including circuit, agility, and functional). Our facility also includes a 50 meter two-lane running track, constructed from MONDO prefabricated rubber, the favored surface in stadiums used for international competitions. There is also a small, separate training room intended for use primarily by athletes.

Studio (2F)
Images up to 5 meters high and 15 meters wide can be projected on a wall for grand visuals and music that create an extraordinary space for yoga and other programs.

Conditioning Room (2F)
Treatment beds are available for post-training rehabilitation. The oxygen level in the room can be set at high, and acupuncture and massage services will also be offered (additional charge).

Pool Area (3F)
Two pools are here, each with adjustable oxygen concentration levels: a 50 meter four-lane pool and a 25 meter three-lane pool. Programs such as water aerobics are also in the works.

ASICS Sports Complex LAB (3F)
As a branch of ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), various demonstration experiments for training under low-oxygen conditions are conducted here as part of the joint research between ISS and Ritsumeikan Trust. Users’ physical responses under low-oxygen conditions will be measured here periodically to plan precise training regimens in line with individual capacity levels.

Message from Motoi Oyama, ASICS Chairman and CEO:
ASICS endeavors to create products and services that allow all our customers to live healthy and fulfilling lives, based on our vision of “Creating Quality Lifestyle through Intelligent Sport Technology". Low-oxygen training can help prevent and alleviate lifestyle-related illnesses and, within a short period of time, effectively build up the body. Such training methods are being sought for all around the world as health-conscious trends grow. ASICS will use the intellectual technology we’ve amassed over the years to give new value to our customers’ sports experiences, and to support their mental and physical health.

Membership Details
Prospective members should first participate in a trial session. Reservations for trial sessions can be made online starting September 20th. Tours, trial sessions, and membership registration will begin from October 10th (¥4,950 (tax included); or free for participants who join the same day).
The membership fee includes a one-time entrance fee of ¥33,000 (tax included), and a monthly fee of ¥22,000 (tax included).
Normal business hours begin from November 1st.

About the Facility

NameASICS Sports Complex TOKYO BAY
Address2F & 3F, D Tower Toyosu, 6-4-20, Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
HoursWeekdays: 7:00 ~ 22:00 Saturdays & Holidays: 8:00 ~ 20:00
MembershipMonthly: ¥22,000 (tax included) ※plus an additional one-time entrance fee of ¥33,000 (tax included)
FloorspaceApprox. 5,000 square meters
Opening DateNovember 1, 2019 ※Trial sessions & tours begin October 10th

What Is Low-oxygen Environment Training?
Training under conditions of low oxygen concentration can improve whole-body endurance and reduce body fat faster and more efficiently than training under normal oxygen concentration levels. Low-oxygen training has typically been conducted at high altitudes, but has in recent years also become possible at sea level using specialized facilities. Training under low-oxygen conditions has been gaining attention not only from top athletes but also the wider population for improving cardiorespiratory function.

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