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ASICS Ventures invests in startup Dreamstock, soccer scouting platform

Release Date: 17 Feb 2021

ASICS Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President & COO Yasuhito Hirota) is pleased to announce that investment subsidiary ASICS Ventures Corporation (Headquarters: Kobe, Japan; President Hiroaki Kageyama) has invested in dreamstock, inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Marcelo Haruo Matsunaga), an operator of a soccer scouting platform that matches soccer players with club teams.

dreamstock was founded in July 2017 and supports the youth generation (ages 14-18) by providing matching services with professional soccer clubs mainly in Brazil and Europe. dreamstock smartphone application helps young soccer players upload their profile with play video. dreamstock has developed its users throughout the world especially via social networking and their service has users in 55 countries, with more than 190,000 players and 50 partner clubs registered (as of February 2021).

ASICS has a corporate mission to provide innovative products and services that offer superior value to our customers through sport, and, in particular, is committed to support their sport life utilizing digital technologies. ASICS is confident that such digital services will not only help to search for talented players, but will also unite people from all over the world and help young athletes nurture healthy minds and bodies with a great passion to dream.

With a capital partnership with ASICS, dreamstock will further develop matching platform that is transparent to both players and clubs and continue to support young athletes around the world to strive for their dreams on equal footing.

ASICS is fully committed to continue developing and providing value-added products and services to our customers via partnership with innovative startups.

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