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Introducing AI Vision Technology-Assisted Pronation Assessment Service at ASICS Owned Stores

Release Date: 05 Jun 2019

ASICS announces the development of a system that assesses runner pronation type using artificial intelligence (AI) vision technology, as well as the ASICS Institute of Sport Science’s wealth of data and expertise. The system has been added as a new feature to ASICS’ proprietary running form analysis app ASICS RUNNING ANALYZER. It will be available at ASICS owned stores around the world starting early June and will first appear at ASICS HARAJUKU FLAGSHIP in Tokyo, ASICS REGENT STREET FLAGSHIP in London, and ASICS 5th AVENUE FLAGSHIP in New York City. This is the unique system in the world that assesses runner pronation type using artificial intelligence (AI) vision technology within the stores.

Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your heel rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. Understanding your pronation type can help you find an appropriate running shoe.

The new system assesses the runner’s type of pronation simply from a tablet recording of a runner’s running gait from the knee down, which is recorded from behind. The video is automatically uploaded to the cloud and analyzed using AI, which marks the positions of the knee, ankle, and heel and calculates the degree of inward motion when the heel strikes the ground to determine the runner’s type of pronation. At ASICS owned stores, the store staff will recommend the most appropriate ASICS shoe model for the runner using the result of the analysis.

ASICS owned stores currently offer ASICS FOOT ID™ system, which analyzes foot carriage during the running motion to suggest appropriate shoe models. This new system does not require special equipment like sensors and markers, and can determine pronation type even more easily.

It can be used at smaller retail outlets where the ASICS FOOT ID™ previously was not available, as well as at non-retail venues like running events, and will contribute to a more fulfilling sports experience for customers.

Classification of pronation type

Overpronation - Your foot lands on outside of heel, then (heel or foot) rolls inward excessively.

Neutral pronation - Your foot lands on outside of the heel, then heel rolls inward moderately.

Underpronation - Your foot lands on outside of the heel, then heel rolls rarely (slightly).

Pronation Guide


ASICS RUNNING ANALYZER app analyzes and assesses running form based on a proprietary algorithm developed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science using data and expertise accumulated by ASICS. The app automatically generates feedback on customer form trends and offers running recommendations based on the analysis results to improve form. The app also has a feature that compares two forms when different shoe models are worn.

ASICS is considering adapting the system in the future so that it can be used not only on tablets but also smartphones for even more convenience, and also offering some of services oriented toward companies.

One of the core strategies of ASICS’ medium-term management plan ASICS Growth Plan (AGP) 2020 is enriching sports lives through the use of digital technology, and the company is focusing on improving the sense of fulfillment customers get from sports by using digital power. ASICS will continue developing cutting edge services using digital technology to offer new value to our customers’ sports experience.

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