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Introducing Soccer Cleats Designed in Collaboration With Andrés Iniesta

Release Date: 15 Jul 2019

ASICS announces the launch of the ULTREZZA™ AI soccer cleats, developed in collaboration with Andrés Iniesta of J.League soccer club Vissel Kobe. The new model will be available for pre-order at limited outlets from July 15, as well as at the ASICS retail stores, ASICS online stores, the official Vissel Kobe online merchandise store operated by J.League EC platform partner Rakuten, Inc., and sporting goods retailers from July 28.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is ¥20,000 + tax.

The ULTREZZA™ AI model was developed using detailed analysis of Iniesta’s playing style by ASICS Institute of Sport Science, with input and advice from Iniesta himself. The model combines features that allow agility for dodging opponents and ball handling finesse, together with a flexible hold that cradles the foot gently.

A flexible indentation––X Guidance––is inlaid in an X pattern in the front of the sole, which bends diagonally. Because the front of the sole also bends at an angle, the shoe moves naturally with the direction of the foot. And the sole’s firm grip of the ground allows the wearer to step, turn, and dash quickly in different directions with stability. The midsole, featuring original resin reinforcement, is made for fine footwork but also maintains rigidity in order to limit loss of power. The heel is designed to be 5mm higher than the toe to support a natural forward tilt. ASICS own lightweight, excellent cushioning sponge material fuzeGEL™ lines the interior to alleviate the burden on the foot.

The front portion of the upper is made of comfortable natural leather, while the middle portion is made of highly stretchable mesh and film. Hold and flexibility are balanced. The backing is made of low-density and soft sponge for foot comfort.

Against a yellow base color, Iniesta’s initials of A and I adorn the heels.

Iniesta’s unique technique has incidentally been dubbed ULTREZZA™, a combination of the words ULTIMO, meaning ‘extreme’ in Spanish, and DESTREZA, meaning ‘skill.’

Andrés Iniesta said “The most important features in the cleats are comfort during wear, to feel as if it’s an extension of and part of one’s body, and also ease of handling in any kind of movement, whether pushing off in order to receive a pass or making a quick turn. ASICS has created a wonderful cleats that meets those objectives. The shoe fits the foot properly and is comfortable. I will strive to improve my performance even more on the field with this feel.”

Iniesta himself will be wearing the ULTREZZA™ AI cleats in future matches.

ASICS plans to develop one more general model and two children’s models in the ULTREZZA™ AI series, with the same logo marks.

 Product specs

Name of productULTREZZA AI
Part number1103A020
Size24.029.0cm0.5cm increment
MaterialUpperSynthetic fiber+PU, Natural leather OutsoleNylon, Urethane
Country of OriginVietnam
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