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Promoting more personalization with ASICS STEPNOTE, a digital service that predicts children’s foot growth

Release Date: 07 Jul 2022

ASICS Corporation announces the release of the newest version of “ASICS STEPNOTE” : a children’s feet growth digital forecasting service. The new version has added features and will be available from July 8.

ASICS STEPNOTE is a digital service that projects the growth of children’s feet and sends notices when it’s time to change shoe size. The service recommends shoe models appropriate for the growth of an individual child’s feet. The service is being provided free of charge to members of the OneASICS™ loyalty program. ASICS STEPNOTE was first launched in December 2021 and has been extremely well-received with more than 13,000 registered users in Japanese version, well exceeding initial forecasts.

Children’s shoes should be selected properly to match the attributes of the individual children’s foot shape and walking style. This helps to promote healthy growth. The newest version was developed to be more accurate in projecting foot growth and to ensure the better selection of shoes to match the individual child.

 Main new features

  1. Even more personalized foot growth projection that builds ties between parent and child
    The new version of ASICS STEPNOTE makes even more precise foot growth projections by adding the parent’s data to foot growth projections based on children’s foot shape measurement data collected over more than 20 years by ASICS Institute of Sport Science. This is another opportunity to develop parent-child ties through children’s growth.
  2. Recommends appropriate shoes in a variety of kids and adult shoes by individual foot growth
    Each child’s growth varies by individual, and foot condition can differ considerably based on growth. Moreover, there are big differences between children’s and adults’ feet, selecting kids shoes to fit individual growth can bedifficult for parents since both kids and adults shoes are available in size ranges overlaping 22.0cm to 25.0cm. ASICS STEPNOTE has so far been recommending only children’s shoes which fit their foot size. The new version of ASICS STEPNOTE recommends adult shoes for children whose foot growth appears to have nearly ended, based on age, ball girth rate* and so on.

*1 Ball girth rate (%) = Ball girth / Foot length * 100
     Patent pending (JAPAN) for determination of end of children’s foot length based on age, ball girth rate, and other information.


  1. Supporting foot measurement
    Easily measures feet using three types of measurements and includes with a special sheet for measuring feet. Reminder notifications are sent so that the measurement schedule is not forgotten.
    A video about the importance of measuring feet is available.
  2. Measuring foot growth
    Projects foot growth based on children’s foot measurement data accumulated at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science and foot length data from the parent. Graphs illustrate past, present, and projected future growth. Also, comparison graphs compare familiar lifestyle motifs and feet to illustrate growth in a fun way.
  3. Recommending shoes appropriate for growth
    Sends notices when it’s time to change shoe sizes and recommends shoe models appropriate for the growth of an individual child’s feet. Recommends shoe sizes for the child by combining data on the child, including favorite sports, color, foot growth forecasts and ball girth rate.
  4. Creating Footprint art, "ASICS Foot Art" in Japan
    Make stamps from photos of the sole of the foot. Select a design, like putting the stamps in various frames, to make one-of-a-kind “ASICS Foot Art.” Admire “ASICS Foot Art” and share it on social media with family and friends. Measuring children’s feet can become a fun family event. “ASICS Foot Art” can also be turned into a postcard.
    When making “ASICS Foot Art” in one process from measurement, ASICS recommends using a smartphone to take an image of the sole of the foot. A photo saved on a PC or other device may also be used.
  5. Special benefits of continuing use
    Get one stamp a month for measuring a child’s feet. The collected stamps capable of receiving special benefits. Stamps can be collected not only by measuring feet, but also when having a birthday, creating “ASICS Foot Art,” and so on.


ASICS’ founding philosophy is “Sound Mind, Sound Body™,” and the company offers products, services, and an environment that contribute to improving the physical and emotional health of people around the world.

The service will be linked to an app that can measure children’s foot size conveniently with a smartphone. It will also be offered to OneASICS members in overseas regions, and ASICS plans to develop a “Kids ecosystem”*2 that utilizes digital platforms. ASICS aims to help support healthful and enriching lifestyles for children and their family.

*2 ASICS expands digital services and aims to maximize customer value based on ”Transformation to digital driven company," one of Strategic Objectives in Mid-Term Plan 2023. "Kids ecosystem" will cover the necessary processes for the healthy growthof children’s feet measurement, keeping records, management, and shoe purchases in one location.

NOTES to editors

On December 8, 2021, ASICS announced the launch of “ASICS STEPNOTE,” a digital service that projects the growth of children’s feet. The press release can be found here.

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